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Fran McCaffery totally looks like...

 Gary Cole


 Mmmm yeah, Cully I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday.  We lost a few people in the offseason and we sort of need to play catch up.

Steve Forbes


 Every team in the NCAA should play the same schedule in order to eliminate cheaters and corporate shenigans.

Steve Jobs


 Why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?  Wait, what?

 The lawyer from the Simpsons


 You're about to be served with a subpoena and a side of bacon.

Anthony Edwards


  No one's really gonna be free until nerd persecution ends.


 More after the break.  Plus I'm counting on you to come up with some.....



Chevy Chase (circa 1998)


 We have a pond in the back...we have a pool, and a pond.  Pond would be good for you.

 Gary Busey


 <insert batshit fucking crazy Gary Busey quote here>

A cross between Beaker and Professor Honeydew with nicer hair



The lead vampire from Lost Boys


Hey look how clean-cut and mild-mannered I am.  Just stading over here on the sidelines being polite.  Whoa, hey ref, no foul?  You're not going to call a fucking foul on that?  He looked like he was trying to take his virginity, you blind fuck.  NOOOOOOOOOOO  AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH...... 



 Who else ya got?