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Don't even bother friend-requesting J Leman

As one of the last people on the face of the planet without Facebook, I always just assumed I could roll up in that bitch whenever I felt like it, be friends with whomever I pleased, and pretty much just run the joint .  

I found out I was wrong.



  First you reject my friendship, then you rub it in with a big smile and a finger gun point.


So if you're already friends with J Leman, then good for you.  It's obviously a selective group.  The rest of you, like myself, are shit out of luck.  And for me this was pretty much the last straw.  Facebook is dead to me.  In fact, the entire Internet makes me angry now.  I'm starting to think Ken O'Keefe was right.  Maybe I shouldn't be wasting my time with the flashing lights and pretty colors and naked boobies of the Internet.  It's probably a passing faze, anyway.  Like tight-rolling your jeans or Ron Zook being relevant.  If it wasn't for BHGP, I would consider hitting my router with a hammer many times.

I'm hoping someone out there can give me a reason to love the Internet again.  I mean, men who look like Kenny Rogers was fun for awhile, but....