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Caring Is Creepy But Hoo Boy Watch That Kid Run

That's Rodney Coe, a highly-sought prospect at tailback and linebacker* from Edwardsville, Illinois. As you can probably guess, he's been offered by--let's check the list here--ah yes, "everyone in America including the Patriots."

Iowa is included in that list, of course, and Mr. Coe was just recently in Iowa City to visit campus. OMG COMMIT? Well, no:

Howe said Coe had been at Oklahoma on Saturday and was leaving Iowa City for a visit to Nebraska Sunday night.  So this will be a tough recruiting battle.

Coe is certainly aware of what Shonn Greene did at Iowa, and told Howe that he could see himself fitting into Iowa’s system.

Even taking Shonn Greene's wild success into consideration, Ferentz faces very long odds landing Coe, and a lot of that comes down to Coe's disposition. That's not to say that if he doesn't come to Iowa he's a thug or Ferentz didn't actually want him or anything stupid like that. Ferentz would do cartwheels down Melrose if Coe committed.

All we're saying is that Ferentz's no-nonsense, no-promises style of recruiting appeals to a certain type of player, and the Venn Diagram of that type of player and the 4- and 5-star prospects--especially at a high-profile position like running back--doesn't have a ton of overlap.

Plus, you know Ferentz sees that film, and at least a small part of his brain tells him, "wow, put 60 pounds on this kid, and he'd be a HELL of a defensive tackle."

*And not, despite what his name would suggest, a country-western singer.