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Ben Brust Leaving Iowa Too, Because Hey Why Not

Jesus Horsefucking Christ, make this stop. Make it stop. Make it oh god it's not stopping at all. The latest rumored casualty: Ben Brust, a sorely needed 2-man. Here's what Hawkeye Report, um, reported:

Sources indicate Ben Brust is likely leaning toward asking for his release as well. Stay tuned to our site for the latest details.

Now, while this isn't confirmed, rumors are batting 2/2 on players leaving so far today, and it's really looking like 3/3.

Interestingly enough, the impetus behind Larson's and Brust's departures is, according to sources*, McCaffery's approach to recruit retention. Despite the fact that every existing recruit committed to Todd Lickliter, McCaffery has taken the unorthodox approach of selling himself as the anti-Lickliter to the recruits, ripping the old coach without reservation. While Zach McCabe is on board, half of the incoming class isn't, and there's no word yet on Devyn Marble. Still time to get mad? Jury's out on that one.

And Fran? Look. We know there's a purging that accompanies every coaching change, but man. The "lose players indiscriminately" tactic got tried last time. It didn't work very well. You may be the anti-Lickliter, but you certainly don't have the luxury of making that your only selling point. Lickliter, for his numerous faults, was still able to put together that dynamite recruiting class. The last thing you should be doing is questioning the judgment of both the players and Lickliter.

*Yes, we have them. Not many, but they're legit until proven otherwise.