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Todd Lickliter and Greg McDermott Play Chess in the Park

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At a chess table in a Des Moines park, summer 2010


Licklitericon_medium  It sure is hot out here.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  It sure is.  Humid, too.
Licklitericon_medium  These concrete seats are awful in the heat
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Yep.  They sure get hot.
Licklitericon_medium  ...
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Theresa is being a pain in the ass lately.  All day with the gardening.
Licklitericon_medium  Oy I know.  Joez won't stop talking about cutting the grass.  I think she sits out in the yard and watches it grow.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  I can't sleep for two hours without getting up to take a piss.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Oh Lord, every night I'm up 5 times.  I might as well stay up all night.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  Check.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  ...
Mcdermott_icon_medium  And the kids today just won't listen.  I try to give them advice, tell them that going for a quick buck doesn't make long-term sense.  They ignore me.
Licklitericon_medium  I know.  And the parents are just as bad.  I keep telling these kids that they need to accept their role, and everyone thinks they should be a star.  We don't need stars.  We need role players.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Kids these days.
Licklitericon_medium  ...


Mcdermott_icon_medium  Did you see that bird?
Licklitericon_medium  What bird?
Mcdermott_icon_medium  That bird.
Licklitericon_medium  I didn't see any bird.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  It's a bald eagle.
Licklitericon_medium  Would you stop talking about birds?  There isn't a bald eagle in this park.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  Check.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  ...
Mcdermott_icon_medium  I went and saw my guy the other day.
Licklitericon_medium  What did he say?
Mcdermott_icon_medium  He said he looks forward to working alongside me for a very long time.
Licklitericon_medium  Oy.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  I know.
Licklitericon_medium  Mine told me his support was unwavering.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Why do they do that?
Licklitericon_medium  They think we're naive and stupid, is what it is.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  This isn't getting any better, is it, Greg?
Mcdermott_icon_medium  No, Todd.  I'm afraid it's not.  It's only a matter of time.
Licklitericon_medium  There's no way I make it to next summer, not in the condition I'm in.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  We're both just treading water, waiting for the Reaper.
Licklitericon_medium  I wish they would just pull the plug.  Put me out of my misery.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Lord give me the strength.
Licklitericon_medium  ...

Mcdermott_icon_medium  Check.
Licklitericon_medium  ...

Mcdermott_icon_medium  ...
Licklitericon_medium  These seats sure are hot.
Mcdermott_icon_medium  Yep.  They sure are.