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Well, We've Got To Give You SOMETHING To Do

In light of today's tragedy, in which Cornshoe Hammaker was assassinated by a dastardly Soviet operative working under Joe Paterno (think Paul Posluszny, but farther east about 800 miles*, and with an automatic rifle), there was no voting. But it's unfair to welcome everyone back to the work week with a completely passive day of Marchifornication.

So to make it up to everybody, we created another quiz on Sporcle. This one's the top rushing seasons in Iowa history. By player, I mean. You can't just guess "1996," even though '96 was one hell of a year. Also, spoiler alert--Paki O'Meara did not make the list. Shame, really.

Click here to open the quiz in a new window, and be sure to brag if you got a high score. And by that, I mean anything better than 17/20--we didn't get this one all right on the first try either. Also, if you missed our first quiz from a while ago, it's right here. Happy guessing.


*We're guessing Posluszny actually came from Poland, by the way, because all people with funny last names are secretly not from America.