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Big Ten Tournament - Sunday Results and Open Thread

Session III begins with the consolation brackets at 11am CST; the finals (as well as 3rd- and 5th-place matches) begin at 1pm CST.  No TV coverage or online streams for the morning consolation rounds, so you'll have to make do with radio coverage (KXIC if you're in or around Iowa City; Hawkeye All-Access ($) via the intewebs otherwise) or liveblogs/Twitter updates.  Liveblogs: Andy Hamilton at Hawk Central; KJ Pilcher at the Gazoo.  Twitter: (P-C) @Andy_Hamilton, (Gazoo) @kjpilcher, (DI) @jtbugos and @rcyou, and @bigtenchampsTHERE IS LIVE TV COVERAGE OF THE FINALS, BEGINNING AT 1PM on BTN.

141: #3 Montell Marion DEC (11-6) #8 Cole Schmitt (WIS) -- Marion ensures qualification to the NCAA Tournament.
157: #4 Jake Kerr DEC (5-3)  #6 David Johnson (MICH) -- Kerr ensures qualification to the NCAA Tournament.
165: #2 Ryan Morningstar DEC (4-3) #5 Paul Young (IND) -- Morningstar ensures qualification to the NCAA Tournament.
197: #7 Logan Brown (PUR) WINS BY FORFEIT over #1 Chad Beatty; Beatty took an injury default

141 (3rd place match): #3 Montell Marion DEC (5-2) #6 Juan Archuleta (PUR); Marion finishes 3rd
157 (3rd place match): Anthony Jones (MSU) DEC (6-4) #4 Jake Kerr; Kerr finishes 4th
165 (3rd place match):
#4 Dan Vallimont (PSU) WIN VIA FORFEIT (INJ DEFAULT) #2 Ryan Morningstar; Morningstar finishes 4th

125: #1 Angel Escobedo (IND) DEC (6-4) #2 Matt McDonough
133: #1 Jayson Ness (MIN) DEC (9-3) #2 Dan Dennis
149: #2 Lance Palmer (OSU) DEC (9-3) #1 Brent Metcalf
174: #1 Jay Borschel DEC (8-1) #3 Scott Glasser (MIN)
184: #1 John Dergo (ILL) DEC (5-3) #3 Phil Keddy
Hwt: #2 Dan Erekson DEC (9-6) #1 Nathan Everhart (IND)

1) 156.5 IOWA
2) 119.5 MINNESOTA
3) 109.0 WISCONSIN
4) 102.5 OHIO STATE
5) 91.0 PENN STATE
6) 76.0 PURDUE
8) 64.0 ILLINOIS / 64.0 INDIANA
10) 57.5 MICHIGAN
11) 20.0 just NORTHWESTERN

FYI: If you want to see some of yesterday's action, Hawkeye Nation has some great videos of the semifinal matches, including Metcalf v. Molinaro, Gomez v. Dennis (which had a nuts ending), and McDonough v. Sanders.

Same rules apply as other open threads, so be nice.  Let's do this.

* 1st-16;2nd-12;3rd-10;4th-9; 5th-7;6th-6;7th-4;8th-3;
* Each fall, forfeit, default, disqualification-2;
* each advancement in championship round-1;
* each advancement in consolation round-1/2;
* tech fall (w/ near fall)-1 1/2;
* tech fall (w/o near fall)-1;
* major decision-1;
* bye followed by a win in championship-1;
* bye followed by a win in consolation-1/2.


* The following wrestlers have already qualified for the NCAA Tournament: McDonough, Dennis, Metcalf, Borschel, Keddy, Beatty, and Erekson
MARION: MUST WIN FIRST CONSOLATION MATCH (against Schmitt); B10 only auto-qualifies top 4 finishers at 141 after LOLinois' Ryan Prater was bounced from this tourney for not making weight; a loss to Schmitt will put Marion in the 5th place match.
* KERR: MUST WIN FIRST CONSOLATION MATCH (against Johnson); B10 only auto-qualifies top 4 finishers at 157 and a loss will put Kerr into the 5th place match.
* MORNINGSTAR: MUST WIN EITHER FIRST CONSOLATION MATCH (against Young) OR 5TH-PLACE MATCH; B10 auto-qualifies top 5 finishers at 165.
* That said... both Marion and Morningstar would likely receive wildcard entries if they failed to lock up an automatic qualification spot.  Kerr probably would NOT receive a wildcard entry.

125: Never fought; both McD and Escobedo are undefeated, so this should be a hell of a match.
133: Dennis is 2-1 lifetime against Ness, but Ness beat him pretty solidly (8-4) at the dual last month.
141: Marion is 1-0 against Schmitt, having defeated him 11-4 at last month's dual; of course, Marion also defeated Thorn 15-7 at last month's dual and then lost 12-3 today, so caveat emptor.
149: Metcalf is 4-0 lifetime against Palmer, but they've all been fairly close thanks to Palmer's strong defense and stall-a-riffic style.
157: Kerr did not wrestle Johnson at this year's dual meet; Janssen did and won 12-4
165: Never fought.
174: Borschel is 2-0 lifetime against Glasser, with both results being major decision wins (including 14-2 at last month's dual).
184: Never fought.
197: Never fought.
Hwt: Never fought.

And, finally, a note of congratulations to our neighbors to the west for pulling yet another EPIC FAIL in the finals of a tournament.  Iowa State placed six wrestlers in the finals of the Big 12 5 Championships last night, managed to win only two of those matches (and lost two in which they were fairly strongly favored), and wound up dropping the team title to Oklahoma State, 70.5 points to 69 points.  Grape job, Cyclones!