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VIDEO: Brent Metcalf Erases Nick Bertucci

It was just six short weeks ago that Brent Metcalf won his 147 match against Purdue's Nick Bertucci by disqualification, after Bertucci "accidentally" kneed him in the face--twice--while in the throes of a painful hold. Metcalf was left slightly bloodied by the ordeal, and Purdue coaches were mortified and disciplined Bertucci appropriately.

And by "disciplined appropriately," of course, we mean "allowed Bertucci to face Metcalf again." Here's video of their match in the Big Ten tournament. Yes, the entire match. It doesn't last long.

(via, who posted other videos from the meet as well)

Ahhh. Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served with trying to rip your opponent's arms out of their shoulder sockets. Still, if one were to watch that match without any context, they'd never know that there was any ugly history between the two wrestlers; Metcalf doesn't show Bertucci up at all, he just plain smears him all over the mat en route to the pin. It's testament to both Metcalf's dominance and the way poor sportsmanship is generally abhorred by the college wrestling company.

On the inside, though, that must have felt pretty damned good for Metcalf. And don't think that knee put on Bertucci's head went unnoticed... or unappreciated.