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For those of you just tuning in, Part 1Part 2, and Part 3

When we last left the story...

Stanziicon_medium Now it's time to find out who you are...

Stanziicon_medium /removes mask

Stanziicon_medium Iconclayborn_medium Iconace_medium PAKI O'MEARA!

Pakiicon_medium And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you snoopy kids!

Iconace_medium GOOD ONE SHAGGY

Iconsoldier_medium Just a second, Amewicans! You fowgot about someone! Say herro to my rittle fwiend!

Iconak47_medium BRAKAKAKAKAKAK


Iconsoldier_medium Oh no I have been kirred.

Iconreman_medium Somebody call for backup?

Iconclayborn_medium Leman? But Ricky told me you quit.

Iconreman_medium I did. I quit. And I'm not proud to admit it. But when you quit Freedom Squad, you quit America. I can't do that. Not to this country.

Iconreman_medium Plus, these chicks are pretty hot.

Iconreman_medium Come on, let's get you ladies out of here.

Gg1icon_medium Gg2icon_medium Gg3icon_medium Gg4icon_medium Gg5icon_medium Gg6icon_medium  Hooray!

Iconclayborn_medium Let's go home, Ace.

Iconace_medium ARF

Iconclayborn_medium Come on, Ricky.

Iconclayborn_medium Ricky?

Iconclayborn_medium Oh God, J, over there.

Iconclayborn_medium Ricky's down.

Stanziicon_medium Looks like this was a one-way trip, boys.

Iconclayborn_medium Don't talk like that, Ricky. You stay with me now, you hear me? STAY WITH ME!

Iconace_medium /licks Ricky's face

Iconace_medium /sings America the Beautiful

Stanziicon_medium Just do me a favor, AC. Take care of that dog. Take care of those girls. Take care of the USA.

Stanziicon_medium Remember, everyday, that there's nothing better than being an American.

Iconclayborn_medium Don't do this, Ricky. Stay here. STAY HERE RICKY NOOOOOO!


Blackicon_medium Ricky?

Blackicon_medium Ricky?

Stanziicon_medium /slowly opens eyes


Stanziicon_medium Where...where am I?

Stanziicon_medium Is this heaven?

Iconclayborn_medium No, it's Iowa...City.

Iconreman_medium LOL

Iconace_medium LOL

Gg1icon_medium Gg2icon_medium Gg3icon_medium Gg4icon_medium Gg5icon_medium Gg6icon_medium  We are Korean and 18 years old and like football, so we do not get your joke.

Iconclayborn_medium We thought we lost you there for a while. But Hot Cop gave you CPR, and we got you stabilized enough to fly back to the States.

Stanziicon_medium Where did Hot Cop come from?

Iconclayborn_medium We promised that guy in the comment thread in part 2 she would show up, and this thing is about over. So she, uh, climbed through that open window into the basement of that North Korean prison that was protected by only one guard. Yeah, that's what happened.

Stanziicon_medium That doesn't make any...

Stanziicon_medium Wait, PAKISTANZI! Where is he? Tell me you have him in lockup.

Iconclayborn_medium Well...

Iconreman_medium Um...

Iconace_medium ARF...

Iconreman_medium We were caring for you, and then Hot Cop came in the window, and I mean just look at her, and we got distracted, and PAKISTANZI sort away.


Iconreman_medium Don't worry. The manhunt is on. We know he's back in the USA. Freedom Squad thinks he's holed up in Pennsylvania. Just as soon as you're healthy, we'll get him.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania...

Pakiicon_medium  I want him DEAD!
Pakiicon_medium  I want his friends DEAD!
Pakiicon_medium  I want REVENGE!
Pakiicon_medium  And only you can help me get it!
Pakiicon_medium  Join me, Joe Paterno, and help me dis...
Iconpaterno45_medium  I DO NOT WORK WITH DIRTY IRISH

Ricky Stanzi automatically qualifies for Round 3 as a result of saving his opponents from a gulag (MARCHIFORNICATION Rule 18.1(c))