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We're Talkin' Basketball: The End of the Road?


If the oddsmakers are to be believed (Michigan -8), today is the last day of the season for Iowa men's basketball. If the message boards are to be believed, today is the last day of a lot of things.

We don't believe either.

Iowa was uncompetitive as always in its January 30 game in Ann Arbor, losing by a deceptively close 14 points to Michigan. However, the Hawkeyes should have beaten Big Blue a month ago, blowing a 4-point lead in the final 22 seconds of regulation and losing by 4 points in overtime. Then there is the old adage about beating a team three times in one season (it mostly applies to the NFL, but we'll use it nonetheless). And, despite lackadaisical effort in its last two losses, Iowa has improved over the course of this season. As strange as it sounds for a team that set a school record for losses in a season, the Hawkeyes have actually overachieved this year. It's time to put a small exclamation point on this lost season. It's time to finish on a high note for once. It's time to muster whatever goodwill we have for this team and this coach and this program and to will our way to a positive result.

This is pretty much the plot of Ghostbusters 2. We're screwed, aren't we? 1:30 tipoff on ESPN2.