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Happy Birthday, Champ

 You know that one Molly Ringwald movie where she's having her 16th birthday but everyone's all worried about other stuff so she doesn't get her birthday? I think it was Silkwood. Anyway, we just had a moment like that at BHGP today. So without further ado, before March 1st comes to a close...


We brought friends and a cake. Everyone's got on their celebratin' hats and everything. Also, HOCKEYBEAR's in a different universe and dimension, so he sent his top wingman in his stead. Seems reasonable.

Today's J's 25th birthday, and the fact that this is our third Marchifornication and we've never realized that until now is, to be frank, unsettling. Today should be a holy day at BHGP; going forward, it so shall be. So from here on out, March 1 is officially Marchifornichristmas.

Now I hope you all brought J some presents.