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The Iowa Hawkeyes Run That Asian Music Scene

We realize it's a little early to start talking about the Girls' Generation, early by about 20 hours or so. We need to, though, if only tangentially.

Remember our (and, we're guessing, your) complete inability to explain what the hell that Iowa football helmet was doing in the video, being doted upon lovingly by the songstresses (did I just write that? really? that seems gross). The uneasy consensus was that perhaps this was a prop that was happened upon at random, with zero knowledge of its context or connection to the Hawkeyes. Like, all they wanted was just a football helmet and it just so happened to be Iowa's, and we'd never be heard from on that side of the ocean anymore.

Not so. Very not so. Via MGoBlog:

ON THAT DUDE'S T-SHIRT, BITCHES. By the way, that's apparently the Silver Fins, which is a band so obscure that they don't even have a listing on Based on the members' names, we're guessing they're Japanese. This concludes the research we will do on the matter.

More troubling, though, is the fact that the song's called "Zooing." Now, that definitely sounds like an illicit act that's done by the university 120 miles to the west; at Iowa, we prefer the company of other consenting people. "Animals Can't Say No" is no way to go about business, Cyclone fans.

But we digress. We're inching farther away from "random coincidence" as Hawkeye appearances in the Far East music industry goes. Now, Japan and South Korea are not the same country, and these two musical groups are more than a little dissimilar. They probably have no connection to each other--save a strong desire to be a Hawkeye, course. But there must be more to this story somehow, right? Otherwise it makes no sense.