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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: In Which A Routine Exercise Immediately Turns Into Excruciating Pain

Doodley-doo, we're just plugging along on our season, losing games by not as much as the first time we played them, hoping Anthony Tucker doesn't throw John Lickliter into a wood chipper out of frustration/boredom. And along comes Ohio State, and say Buckeyes, won't you just go ahead and beat us by 12 so we can be on our way? Excellent, so we'll just WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING EVAN TURNER CAT OH SH

This could be "monitor to the face" bad. Further, Anthony Tucker's traveling with the team, but there's no word on his reinstatement. Do you have any idea how awful he'll be if he's let back on right now? We could be looking at a 2-17 performance. God help us one and all.

So here's this game, the unequivocal highlight of your Sunday, and... what's that? Super what? Never heard of it. Iowa-OSU. That's what's super.

Play by the rules--as you always do--and let's do this.