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Site Announcement: We Have Good News

Also, we just wanted an excuse to foist that Professor Farnsworth image on everybody.

Big news, kiddos. Those of you who know me as Oops Pow Surprise have probably been (oops pow) surprised to see my name change to my real one, Adam Jacobi, without warning. And the truth of the matter is... we got a cease and desist letter from Dave Chappelle. Actually, no, that's a complete lie. Although it would probably be the highlight of my life (life hasn't been great, you guys).

No, the real reason is that starting today, I'll be ALIC--assistant lawya in charge--at on weekends. Jon Bois is still there and he's still the alpha dog; SBNation just thought it would be a good idea to pair him and me. Yeah. Unfortunately, they don't take kindly to noms de blogue over there, so rather than going through the tortuous process of dual Internet identities, we just rolled out the guillotine and the problem was solved.

What does this change about BHGP? Not a damn thing. We'll still do things the exact same way, and Hawkeye State and the rest of the gang will continue to conceal their identities for their own good. They're covert CIA, so it's probably better that way.

Also, as a reminder, Selection Saturday is still most definitely on and poppin' this afternoon.

Oh, and start spending your weekends at, won't you?