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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: What in the Hell Are We Doing on ESPN

The Iowa basketball season has finally resumed after a curious 9-day delay (we blame the unwashed savages in Columbus), and for some reason it's on ESPN. Yes, the game between 9-18 (3-11) Iowa and 17-10 (6-9) Northwestern--losers of three of their last four, including horrific losses to Iowa and PSU--is being put front and center for Thursday night basketball. On ESPN. We're... surprised. gives jNWU easy odds on winning, putting the probability at 86% and predicting 69-59. RealTimeRPI is a little more favorable to the Hawkeyes, granting them a 26.1% chance of winning, but predicting 73-60 jNWU. So yes, it would probably be an upset if Iowa were to win tonight.

It would also be very, very funny.

Here's the thread for the game. You all know the rules by now, so let's get together and laugh at John Shurna and his Flowbee haircut and his Girl Shot.