You keep your eyes on the road, Dinosaur racecar drivers!

Here's the deal: dinosaur racecars would be awesome. Logistically though, it would be a big hassle, because do you have any idea how huge a T-Rex dinosaur racecar would have to be? Like REALLY big. And they don't even have factories for that.

But I think that if the dinosaurs really want their own racecars, they would probably be more than happy to build their own dinosaur racecar factories and work in them. That's like the real test on whether a dinosaur gets to have his own racecar. "Okay, dinosaur, you might want your dinosaur racecar, but are you willing to work for it?" And if the dinosaur says no, forget him or her. Dinosaur racecars are only for hard-working dinosaurs.

If that's too labor-intensive, then maybe we have to scale down our expectations and teach them all dinosaur karate. That just needs a big enough place for the dinosaurs to do their dinosaur karate without like breaking trees and buildings and valuable utility poles. Godzilla and his foes tried to do dinosaur karate in Tokyo and what a mess that was. No thanks. You dinosaur guys can just stay out in the country, if you ask me.

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