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Lost footage of Adrian Clayborn

Speaking of Adrian Clayborn, I found an old video of him doing what Adrian Clayborn does best.  Which is, of course, finding the person with the ball and ruining his life. 

It's pretty vintage.  I didn't even know people had digital video cameras 15 years ago.  Anyway, it looks like he was the same terrormonster in 1995 that he is today......   

Shortly thereafter he was moved up to varsity


When you go back and watch it again, and clearly you will, notice at 0:08 when the QB is trying to handoff to someone....ANYONE....and clearly no one wants it.  #67 looks like he had probably gotten death-hammered on the previous play and when they tried to give it to him again he was like, "um fuck that."

Then the sheer buildup of the next play is so phenomenal: 

"Hey look, that kid has the ball and it looks like he might.......wait.......oh god.....HERE HE COMES...."