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Betting on Cully Payne Is Actually Somehow A Smart Idea; EVERYBODY MOVE YOUR FEET AND FEEL UNITED

We're still seething about the calls Iowa didn't get as time wound down in both the second half, but there's something worth mentioning that we didn't think to address in our recap.

Upon further review, the line on last night's game was Michigan -4. Mgo said that and everything. So assuming that held up untl tipoff, there were probably scads of thrilled Michigan fans who watched Laval Lucas-Perry ice the game with four seconds to go to make it 80-75.

That is, of course, until Cully Payne hit a three at the buzzer to make it 80-78 MIchigan and you know how we do whenever Iowa surprises everybody:

Okay, beating the spread isn't usually a cause for celebration. Our retort is this: you try going 3-11 in the conference and getting pumped up about every game. This song is how we get everybody to move their feet and feel united, whoa oh oh. And if it takes Iowa beating the spread in a 2-point loss in the middle of February, well, then that's what it fucking takes.