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HATE WEEK Open Thread: Iowa vs. Minnesota Wrestling

Let us set aside our angst and frustration over the travails of the hoopyball team for a few hours and take pleasure in Iowa's other notable men's winter sport team -- the undefeated, #1-ranked wrestling team.  They're taking a slew of outrageous winning streaks into this meet (58 straight dual meet victories, 34 straight road dual meet victories, 24 straight BXI dual meet victories, 32 straight match victories), which pits them against their main BXI rival, #5 Minnesota. 

But more than that, it's a battle of Good vs. Evil.  Hawkeyes represent kick-ass superheroes, the best character on one of the best goddamn television comedies of all-time, or, if you're feeling especially literal, the eye of a noble and awesome animal.  Gophers represent vermin, pests, and nuisances.  And, hell, they're yellow, too - the color of cowardice and fear.  (If you're one of those people that wants to mention that "wait, isn't yellow one of Iowa's colors," just shush.  Ours is clearly a more noble golden hue.)

The meet is at 6pm CST on BTN -- all your musings, comments, and half-assed theories go here.  Same rules apply here as in any other open thread (or any other BHGP post, period) -- no porn, no talk of online streams of this event, and no slurs.