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Get it? Pur-Do-Not? Instead of Purdue? Get it? Ehhhh?

So, yeah. Iowa's on the road at the #6 team in the nation, and their fans think this should be a cakewalk. Ahem... THAT'S DISRESPECT!

We say Iowa builds on their dismantling of Northwestern and beats Purdue by at least 10 points. Wait, wait, strike that. They're just Northwestern. We would thusly like to amend our prediction to loses to Purdue by no more than 17 points.

Anyway, thread's right here. Quick rehash of the rules: no porno, no live streams of the game (sorry guys), no slurs, and that's just about it. Our last thread was strong... strong to quite strong, and it even prompted one masturbatorial Northwesterner to declare he's "never seen so much cretinous pathos I've ever seen." Which, give me a break; has he never seen the rest of the Internet? We then reminded him what actual cretinous pathos is and informed him that his mother's vagina is full of many peoples' sperms.

But we digress. Our threads are awesome, and we expect more of the same today. Let's do it.