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Tyler Jimmer-Jamming Sash Is Not A Profane Man

Fact 1: Tyler Sash is on Twitter.

Fact 2: He told Twitter he was looking for a new background to use.

Fact 3: This would not go unnoticed by the BHGP community.

Background: Our readers no doubt remember commenter HawkeyeRecon's iconic picture of one Tyler Sash; those with crippling amnesia may see below:


Sash, of course, was made aware of this by Morehouse during Orange Bowl coverage:

"Somebody sent it to me via e-mail," the all-Big Ten safety from Oskaloosa said Friday morning. "I didn’t know what it meant, exactly. You can take it two different ways. I didn’t know if I was the next ‘Power Ranger’ or something else."

Certainly, it was well-intentioned, the next Power Ranger. How could it not be after the season Sash has had.

There was a retro aspect that Sash wasn't picking up on; clearly the allusion here is that late '70s/early '80s "Electric Company"-type dynamic use of shapes and silhouettes. Then we realized that the Power Rangers are retro to people Sash's age, and that made us feel old. And then there's the issue of the language, which we'd never use here (cough). Indeed, Sash balked at one "helpful" follower's suggestion that he use TMFS.

Fact 4: We're always here to help:


Sash, for the record, described our work as "better," but it has yet to show up as his Twitter background. Maybe it's just because the "Jimmer-Jamming" part would get cut off by the Twitter column thing. Yes, that's surely it.