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There's a pretty sad selection of games on the smorgasboard this afternoon; all the fireworks are reserved for the late shift.  Still, the Wannstache is involved, so what the afternoon lacks in quality it more than makes up for in comedic potential.  Your choices:

11:00 -- Rutgers at West Virginia (ABC)
11:00 -- Pitt at Cincinnati (ESPN)
11:00 -- SMU vs. UCF (CUSA Championship, ESPN2)

12:30 -- Iowa basketball vs. Idaho State ( -- This isn't on television, apparently, but is available on live feed from BTN.  I doubt I'm ponying up the money for that, but we'll see how the rest of the morning goes.

We'll be here throughout the morning, preparing for the afternoon and evening to come.  Same rules as usual: No slurs, no porn, no illegal streams (remember this when the basketball game starts, people), no politics.