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The Insight Bowl is a major sporting event in today's society. There are many factors in an Insight Bowl that have to be weighed carefully every time. You can compare and contrast many factors of the Insight Bowl and its teams.

Iowa is the first team in the 2010 Insight Bowl. Iowa is a state in America situated between Nebraska and Illinois. Over 8,000,000 million people live in Iowa today. There are many factors for Iowa to consider if the Hawkeyes want to win the Insight Bowl. Ricky Stanzi is the quarterback of the team and "virtual team leader." He likes America and its flag. He thinks that today's society is geared toward hippies and communists. He can't throw to Derrell Johnson-Koulianos because DJK did drugs and was charged with selling drugs to the entire team at his drug house. Marvin McNutt is another factor at wide receiver but he might be on drugs because he is a Hawkeye in 2010. Adam Robinson can't play in this game because he had school problems and also cops said he put drugs in his friend's car last night. That means Marcus Coker, whose name means drugs, has to be the running back tonight.

Iowa's defense has many players. 11 of them have to start on every football team but more of them can play later in the game. Adrian Clayborn has dreadlocks and will be drafted by the National Football Leage in September. Tyler Sash is also a guy who plays on defense and sometimes he takes the ball and scores a touchdown with it or makes other people score a touchdown with it. Tyler Sash is not considered a drug user because he is white. If Iowa wants to win the game it has to play lots of defense against Missouri. Some say this is the top factor for Iowa.

Missouri has many offense superstars. Blaine Gabbert threw for 3,500 yards and 28 touchdowns this year and he is probably going to win the Heismen Trophy in 2011. His best receiver is T.J. Moe and also he throws to tight end Michael Egnew. Taylor Martinez is also a top quarterback in the Big XII, where Missouri plays its football. The Tigers will try to run and pass the ball on Iowa's defense because you can't do only one of them and hope to win any football. Missouri has many factors at running back.

I don't like Missouri's defense because they're overrated. They played teams like Iowa State and Kansas so it's not really a big deal if they give up less points then Iowa. Iowa has the top defense in the nation and I think Tyler Sash will score at least one touchdown today.

My final prediction is Iowa wins 34 to 23 and then Gary Pinkle probably goes to the NFL because there is nothing to do in Missouri. This is the top factor in why coaches coach.