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VIDEO: Jeff Peterson Is Bad At Making New Friends

So here's a chat transcript from just a little bit ago:

HS: Is the Arkansas Jeff Peterson formerly our Jeff Peterson?
me: Yep
me: Wait, what'd he do?
me: I'm assuming it's bad
HS: Started a bench clearing brawl against A&M

Yep, sure enough, here's Jeff Peterson hip-checking an unsuspecting Aggie and causing an extreme difference of opinion between the two teams early in the second half

Now, we won't get into drawing this into a larger point about Todd Lickliter or his judgment of character or anything like that; Peterson never pulled anything like that at Iowa, and it's not like he dropped old dude with a right cross or anything. He just tried to be the Derek Jeter of basketball, and whether he succeeded probably depends on your opinion of Derek Jeter.

Still, it's nice to see old Hawkeyes making headlines, even if their stay in Iowa City wasn't what they wanted. We still see you, Jeffy Pete. Can we call you Jeffy Pete? No? Yeah, good point, lousy nickname. Sorry!