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Fran-Graphs, Iowa State

The game started with several positive developments: Melsahn Basabe looked like the reincarnation of Acie Earl, Matt Gatens was making threes again, and Andrew Brommer inexplicably made plays like Hakeem Olajuwon. Then the second half started, our offense sputtered, and Scott Christ-someone-cover-him-opherson caught fire. Most of Iowa's 19 turnovers occurred in the second half, as Bryce Cartwright (5 TOs), Jarryd Cole (4 TOs), and Eric May (4 TOs) ran an offense that can only be described as Stooges-esque, leading to multiple Iowa State run-outs and open shots. The Hawks fought gamely at the end and had narrowed the margin to two with under a minute left when an Iowa player took what appeared to be a clear charge. The referee instead called it out of bounds on Iowa, and Iowa State sealed the game with yet another Christopherson three.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The most important development of the night was this: they announced that FREE FRAN MCCAFFERY BOBBLE-HEADS will be given out to the first 3000 (?) fans at the 12/21 Louisiana Tech game.