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This is literally Fred Hoiberg right now, today.
This is literally Fred Hoiberg right now, today.

Earlier today, I had a plan to write up a dialogue where the Cyclones were being coached in practice by a 4-year-old, leading the reader to believe we were calling Fred Hoiberg a baby. Then Hoiberg would come in, apologize for getting stuck in traffic, then thank everybody for babysitting his son like that. Then some assistant would joke about having a head coach with such a startling lack of experience or maturity. Then Hoiberg would take over the practice and issue commands that were even more infantile than what the toddler asked the players to do. Because Hoiberg is the real Coach Baby.

Then I realized that's pretty much a direct ripoff of the one Celebrity Jeopardy skit SNL never did, where Norm MacDonald would be playing Burt "Turd Ferguson" Reynolds and moronic as always... then the real Burt would come in, punch Turd Ferguson out, and take over. Burt, of course, would then be even worse at Celebrity Jeopardy than Norm's impression was.

Say, did you know Norm MacDonald has a standup special coming out on Comedy Central next April?

Oh yeah, game thread. Y'all know the rules. Game's on the Big Ten Network, and if you don't get that channel, you're pretty much shit out of luck unless one of the Iowa radio affiliates is streaming the game online--past that, no links to streams, since that gets us in trouble. We all know that rule by now, right? Si?

Anyway, these threads have been a lot of fun this year. I'll be bowling with the lady (mark it zero, 8-year-olds dude, etc, etc.) and watching the game there, but I'm sure we'll have some BHGPals around for the show. Go Iowa, and beat Coach Baby.