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Iowa Hawkeyes at Indiana Hoosiers GAME THREAD

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If you need a preview, Jacobi has you covered. If you crave stats, Fight For Iowa has you covered. If you need breakfast, well, sorry we can't help you there. Might I recommend bacon, though? It goes with everything.

Anyway, this is a depleted Iowa roster, particularly at running back and linebacker, but it's still an Iowa team loaded with talent elsewhere. They're still playing an Indiana team with a black hole for a defense and a non-existent running game. In other words: let's not panic just yet.

The rules of the open thread are pretty simple: no links to pirated illegal streams of games, no porn, no slurs (ethnic, sexual, whatever), nothing that really bogs down the thread (i.e., alphabet games), no posting "first!" or "second!", and be judicious in posting images, particularly animated .gif files. If you need more detailed descriptions of those rules, click here. Other than that... game on.