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POLL: Bring Us Your Iowa-Indiana Fears

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Last week, you were all a-scared of the football gods/football karma wreaking havoc on Iowa against Michigan State and, then, well... that happened. So either (a) you were all full of shit, (b) the football gods/football karma didn't care for RUCKERGATE, or (c) the football gods/football karma enjoy delivering a comeuppance to Big Ten teams that get to 8-0/9-0. The last three Big Ten teams to reach that mark (2008 Penn State, 2009 Iowa, 2010 Michigan State) all found themselves felled the very next week. Coincidentally, all three lost games in Iowa City. Kinnick Stadium: where BCS Championship dreams go to die (even Iowa's).

But now we're moving on Bloomington, where Indiana players will be trying to break the proverbial rock (in this case, a Big Ten win) and Iowa players will be trying to preserve their conference title dreams. And, yes, we're plenty nervous about the linebacker situation or what Indiana's potent passing attack might do against our sometimes-shaky secondary (not to mention the A-Rob rumors)... but, again, we're not going for your garden variety obvious fears here. What's going to chill you down to the marrow this week?