Adam Robinson Out This Week with a Concussion?

Rumors are flying that Adam Robinson got a concussion in the 4th quarter of last weeks game vs Michigan State. I recall a moment where he was kind of held up by a MSU player who couldn't haul him down and a player came by and cleaned him up pretty good. He got up dazed, confused and blinking a lot. I have also read this is the reason he didn't do a post game interview and wasn't available on Tuesday for an interview. On the positive side, Indiana's defense is like swiss cheese that has been put through a hole puncher. Anyway has this already been discussed and i didn't see it or what is everyones thoughts???

Our RBs... (mostly just to reach the 75 word limit and I like to see myself type... you know instead of hear myself talk...)

Adam Robinson - Our hardest worker, most driven and just a guy who plays with heart because he doesnt have the skill that other backs might have. One of the hardest runners, best pass blockers, and oh ya... he has fumbled once in his two year career.... last Saturday and we recovered it.

Jewel Hampton - Probably our most skilled running back but obviously out with another torn ACL.

Brandon Wegher - Brandon is still a no show because of personal issues. Rumors swirl with what is going on and as far as we know its more than likely a redshirt year assuming he comes back.

(Ed. Note: Rumors redacted. Let's save the spurious rumor-mongering about Wegher for other sites, OK? -- Ross)

Marcus Coker - I think we were all really excited to see what this young man can do and he has done nothing but plow through defensive backs. He obviously lacks experience and it has been said that he is a very poor pass blocker.

DeAndre Johnson - A speedy freshman who is redshirting so far this year.... He missed his HS senior season with a torn ACL. One side fact... Iowa's recruiting process came down to Johnson or Wisky's James White... we don't know what DeAndre is capable of yet but still.... i hope we made the right choice...

Paki O'Meara - THE PAKI BOMB!!! He pretty much took over Jayme "the Irish Car Bomb" Murphy's spot as my favorite special teams player this year but unfortunately like Jayme... hard hits at full speed lead to concussions. Never been a very good running back, dances in the back field, slow, fumbles, but has solid hands....

Brad Rogers - A FB who is an outstanding blocker as a RS Freshman and runs hard. Looks like a bowling ball out there.

Brett Morse - Our unheralded FB who isn't much of a runner... more of a great blocker who has a solid pair of hands. A former HS QB... still waiting for the FB Pass to be put in the offense!

Jason White - Recruited as an ATH and began his career as a DB but injuries have moved him back to the offensive side of the ball. Wears #3... another red flag for the Wegher lovers out there. Only has 1 carry on the year.

Jacob Reisen - Another FB who is a RS Freshman and a former gray shirt linebacker... thats about all i know about him.

Another name I like to keep in mind is...

Jordan Cotton - Recruited as an ATH and played QB/RB/WR in high school. I think he is destined to be the next Sandeman or a slot WR but maybe an emergency RB... I heard a rumor he was working out as a RB in practice a while ago.

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Concussion Confirmed, listed as 50/50

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