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Friday Is Alright For Domination: Iowa Basketball, Wrestling Win Big

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Iowa 111, SIU-Edwardsville 50.  Yeah, let that one sink in for a second.  111 points!  In a single game!  A 61-point win!  For the sake of perspective, let's turn to Hawk Central for a minute

Cartwright was one of six Hawkeyes to score in double figures in Iowa’s most one-sided victory since a triumph against Pepperdine by the identical score in 1966. Only five games in school history have been more lopsided.

Iowa’s 111 points were also the most scored in a game since 112 against North Texas in November 1997. Eric May had seven steals, which tied for the fourth-most ever by an Iowa player.

1997!  That was before both [COACH REDACTED] eras.  Granted, it's unwise to take away too much from his one-sided massacre since SIU-Edwardsville is really, really, really bad.  As we noted yesterday, they were ranked 340th (out of 345 teams) in Sagarin's ratings.  They were supposed to be an absolutely horrendous team on paper -- and they were every bit as horrendous in reality.  It would be unwise to read too much into this result.

That said, this game was a triumph of the approach McCaffery wants to instill.  The up tempo pace worked (you don't score 111 points by lollygagging).  The 3/4 court press defense worked (29 turnovers forced).  The shooting was there (58.7% and 55.6% from 3).  The rebounding worked (41-23 edge).  Even against a bad opponent, you don't score 111 and win by 61 without playing well.  So that's certainly good to see.  You can make a case for multiple players being man of the match -- Eric May had 13 points and 7 steals, Melsahn Basabe had 13 points and 8 rebounds, and Matt Gatens went 12-4-4 -- but our vote would have to go to Zach McCabe.  McCabe led all scorers with 16 points and had 7 rebounds and his early three-point shooting seemed to set the tone for Iowa.  But, again, if you want to make a case for another player, go for it -- there's no shortage of worthy contenders.  This was the sort of game where Branden Stubbs scores 12 points, after all.  Every Iowa player who logged minutes scored -- except for Cody Cox.  You know it's a rout when the Gray Team All-Stars (Cox, TJ Sayre, and Stubbs) almost log 10 minutes apiece.

Aside from the blowout itself, the other main takeaway from the game was injuries.  Cully Payne didn't start -- and didn't even play -- because he's slated to have surgery for a sports hernia.  That's going to keep him out of action for 4-8 weeks, which means we're going to be seeing a lot of Bryce Cartwright at point.  That is, if he can stay healthy -- he was the recipient of a brutal (and wildly unnecessary) intentional foul by an SIU-E player that sent him crashing down hard to the floor.  He apparently just has a sore hip, and let's hope he recovers quickly; otherwise we're probably looking at a lot of Jordan Stoermer and Roy Devyn Marble at the point.  Those guys are fine players, but not exactly great full-time options at point guards.

Up next: a trip to Wake Forest to fulfill our obligation in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge -- and another chance to sneak above .500.  Wake Forest is ranked 178th in the Sagarin ratings, over 30 spots below Iowa so... dare to dream.

Meanwhile, the Iowa wrestling team got in a little domination of their own Friday night.  They headed over to Cornell College (the Iowa one, not the fancy-pants Ivy League one who has a really good wrestling team this year) for a pair of duals against Cornell and UT-Chattanooga.  They didn't encounter much resistance in running their dual meet winning streak to 65 -- they beat Chattanooga 47-0 and Cornell 43-0.  Through four meets and forty matches this season, Iowa has yet to lose, which is nice but not very meaningful, considering that there aren't many legit opponents on these teams.

The line-ups were shuffled a little as a result of injuries and a desire to see what different guys can do.  At this point, seven of the ten weights look bolted down -- all of them but 133, 149, and 165.  133 remains a three-way battle between Tyler Clark, Tony Ramos, and Nate Moore; Ramos and Moore got the nods in the duals Friday night because Clark was injured (and because Moore had performed well at last weekend's Kaufman Brand Open tournament last weekend, finishing 3rd).  149 looked pretty locked in with Dylan Carew, but he missed last night's duals with a knee injury.  Depending on the severity, he may miss a lot more matche -- if not the entire season. According to some rumors, he tore ligaments in his knee, which would likely put him out of action until next season, but the Hawk Central recap made it sound like there was a chance he could still wrestle this year.  We'll have to see.  In his absence, Jeret Chiri picked up a pair of wins, including a crazy, thrilling pin over Dean Pavlou.  And 165 apparently remains a toss-up between Kerr and Janssen; Kerr seemed to have the inside track, but Janssen was sure to get another look after finishing 3rd at the Kaufman Brand Open last week.  He did well again tonight, but let's hope someone emerges as the lead guy here and we're not subjected to another messy rotation like we had at 157 last year.

Much like the Iowa hoopyballers' win over SIU-Edwardsville, there's limited predictive value in Iowa's utterly dominant thrashings of Chattanooga and Cornell.  They simply did exactly what they were supposed to do against overmatched opposition.  We'll find out a lot more about them next weekend, when they take on Iowa State and Michigan State in a pair of home duals.

125: Matt McDonough DEC Prescott Garner, 7-1 (Iowa 3-0)
133: Nate Moore DEC Cody Hood, 9-4 (Iowa 6-0)
141: Mark Ballweg FALL (4:42) Shawn Greevy (Iowa 12-0)
149: Jeret Chiri FALL (3:47) Dean Pavlou (Iowa 18-0)
157: Derek St. John MAJ DEC Dan Waddell, 13-2 (Iowa 22-0)
165: Jake Kerr FALL (2:19) Brandon Wright (Iowa 28-0)
174: Ethen Lofthouse FALL (0:52) Levi Clemons (Iowa 34-0)
184: Grant Gambrall DEC Jason McCroskey, 4-0 (Iowa 37-0)
197: Luke Lofthouse MAJ DEC Robert Prigmore, 21-8 (Iowa 41-0)
HWT: Blake Rasing FALL (1:05) Matt Lettner (Iowa 47-0)

125: Matt McDonough TECH FALL (5:47) Timothy Hood, 18-3 (Iowa 5-0)
133: Tony Ramos MAJ DEC Tigue Snider, 14-5 (Iowa 9-0)
141: Mark Ballweg TECH FALL (3:09) Kevin Donahue, 15-0 (Iowa 14-0)
149: Jeret Chiri DEC Jacob Schwebke, 9-4 (Iowa 17-0)
157: Derek St. John DEC Nicholas Loughlin, 4-2 (Iowa 20-0)
165: Aaron Janssen MAJ DEC Joe Hambleton, 13-5 (Iowa 24-0)
174: Ethen Lofthouse TECH FALL (6:53) Derek Munsey, 24-9 (Iowa 29-0)
184: Grant Gambrall TECH FALL Andrew Roberts, 22-7 (Iowa 33-0)
197: Luke Lofthouse FALL (1:17) Robert Widmer (Iowa 39-0)
HWT: Blake Rasing MAJ DEC Wyatt Bauman, 11-1 (Iowa 43-0)