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WE'RE TALKIN' HOOPYBALL: Iowa vs. SIU-Edwardsville

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Like Icarus hurtling too close to the sun, the Iowa hoopyballers stretched for the unattainable earlier this week: a record above .500. Like Icarus, they were smacked down for their hubris. So now our 2-3* Hawkeyes stumble home from their rum-besotted excursion to the Paradise Jam tournament to face... who? SIU-Edwardsville? That's too many fucking letters, man. Let's just assume they're, like, from Oz or Imaginationland or Ames -- y'know, some mythical place. According to Sagarin, they're bad -- like 340th in the nation bad. (There are only 345 teams, by the by.) Iowa is not exactly good according to Sagarin -- 144th -- but they're still seemingly much better than the 0-4 Cougars. Fingers crossed. As far as personnel,FOTP John Bohnenkamp says Cully Payne is out for this game, which means Bryce Cartwright gets the start at PG. (And, per Rick Brown of the DMR, Cully could be out for a while.)

* FUN FACT: Iowa has as many losses as the rest of the Big Ten combined.

The usual rules of open threadin' apply: no porn, no piracy, no slurs, etc. Don't be a dumbass. Game's on BTN at 5:30pm CST.