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REMINDER: The Iowa hoopyballers are in action tonight (5:30pm CST) against SIU-Edwardsville.  Game's on BTN, game thread will be up at the appropriate time.

Until then (or during then, if Alabama-Auburn is still exciting), we can amuse ourselves with the Black Friday slate of college football.  There are no Big Ten games since the Big Ten is basically allergic to playing on any day other than Saturday, but that matters not.  It's football, so we'll watch.  Moreover, it's meaningful football in the national sense; three of the top four teams in the country (Oregon, Auburn, and Boise State) are in action today and all three are arguably facing their toughest remaining challengers.  But they aren't in action until later in the day (or evening); the Big East owns the early shift -- the better to get them out of the way, presumably.  

* Louisville @ Rutgers (10am CST, ESPN2)
* West Virginia @ Pitt (11am CST, ABC)
* Auburn @ Alabama (1:30pm CST, CBS)
* Colorado @ Nebraska (2:30pm CST, ABC)
* UCLA @ Arizona State (2:30pm CST, FSN)
* Arizona @ Oregon (6pm CST, ESPN)
* Boise State @ Nevada (9:15pm CST, ESPN)

You know the rules of open threads: just don't act like a dumbass and everything should be kosher.  Game on.