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WE'RE TALKIN' HOOPS? Iowa vs. Long Beach State

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Or we're at least score-watching anyway, since this is a Monday afternoon and we're nominally doing work and stuff. Fresh off their 55-47 win over Alabama on Saturday, Iowa's playing the Long Beach State 49ers. Winner gets fourth place in the Paradise Jam tournament thingie. Loser gets... well, nothing much aside from a long weekend in the Virgin Islands. Which isn't that bad, considering the upper midwest descended into an arctic hellhole over the weekend (fuck you, freezing rain). More importantly, a win would give Iowa its first above-.500 record since -- I shit you not -- February 22, 2009 (14-13 after beating Michigan). It would also comprise the first two-game winning streak Iowa's had since January 12 and 16, 2010 (wins over Tennessee State and Penn State). Oof.

As with the past two games in this tourney, this game isn't on TV but you can watch it via the magic of a legal interwebs stream ($$$). The Long Beach State website has a free audio stream (w/ LBS announcers, natch). I believe it's on KXIC in Iowa City and WHO in Des Moines.

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