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Mike Cooper just had sex with himself in anticipation of the game


There are other games right now, but the only one worth watching, Iowa-Ohio State, is on ABC at 2:30 (ESPN2 for you sad bastards who left the Midwest).  Sean McDonough and Matt Millen (again) will have the call.  It's the last chance Iowa has to salvage something from this disappointing campaign.  It's the last chance we'll have to watch the Hawkeyes at Kinnick this year.  It's Senior Day for Stanzi, Clayborn, Ballard, Greenwood, DJK, and 18 others (and it might be the last time we see McNutt and Sash at home, too).  There's still Minnesota next week, and there's still a bowl game somewhere, but for all intents and purposes, this is the season finale.  Let's make it count.

As always, no politics, no slurs, no baiting the moderators, no links to illegal streams of the game, and no porn.  Everything else is fair game.  Join us in the comments after the jump.