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College Gameday is live from the biggest pick-up game in the history of Chicago, as Ron Zook tries to save his job in a game that will be played going only one direction, with Nathan Scheelhaase as all-time quarterback.  That kicks at 2:30 Central, though; the early games are as follows:

Wisconsin at Michigan (ESPN): Wisky looks unbeatable at the moment and close next week with a Persa-free Northwestern, so this is probably the last chance anyone has of knocking the Badgers out of the Big Ten race.  Michigan got to seven wins and bowl eligibility last week with a win over Purdue.  For my money, it's their last win of the season.

Purdue at Michigan State (BTN): MSU finishes out the string with its annual game with MOST HATED RIVAL Penn State next week, so this could be a trap game.  Fortunately for MSU, Purdue is down to an equipment manager and Brock Spack as options at quarterback, so it's an easily identifiable trap.

Penn State "at" Indiana (BTN): Ditto PSU, which actually might have something to play for if they can dispatch of the Hoosiers at Dan Snyder's House in Washington DC.  The Nits sit on the New Year's Day bubble, and can vault into 2011 with a pair of wins (quite possibly at Iowa's expense).

Thread is open below.  You know the rules: No politics, no trolling, no slurs, no illegal internet streams of Troy-South Carolina.  I'll be your host today.  Two weeks to go.  Let's get to it.