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INPIYL2I Thinks About Other Sports

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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It is BHGP's regular news roundup. Send all tips to any of the email addresses at the bottom of the page. But preferably not all of them at once. We usually end up laughing at people who do that.

If the horse is already glue, how can we get back on it?  48 hours after dropping the season debut to South Dakota State (mental note: don't fuck with the Dakotas in sports), Iowa basketball is back for more, with a 7:35pm CST home date with UL-Monroe tonight.  The game's on Mediacom if you're in Iowa and ($$$) for everyone else.  Matt Gatens is "doubtful" to play

Caring creepily is going well.  The on-field results may have stalled out the last few weeks, but recruiting guru (and creep-master extraordinaire) Tom Lemming thinks Iowa's football recruiting is going mighty well:

"I would say probably second or third," veteran recruiting analyst Tom Lemming said Wednesday of Iowa’s current ranking in the Big Ten. "Ohio State is on top and either Michigan or Iowa is two or three."

"It’s very athletic at every single position," Lemming said of Iowa’s class. "Because of their success they’ve been feeding off of that and their name has been bounced around, particularly everywhere east of the Mississippi (River)."

Lemming is prone to overrating midwestern prospects, particularly those who commit to that school with the shiny gold helmets, but it's still good to hear that there are some exciting prospects entering the mix in the next few years.  Hopefully they (a) actually sign with Iowa in February (still many months to go on that front) and (b) stay with the program; lack of depth has been a killer at times this year (particularly at LB and RB and all over the coverage units) and part of that is not having enough upperclassmen at certain spots.

Caring is creepy likes the ladies, too.  Recruiting isn't just going well for the football team; apparently the women's basketball team is cleaning up, too.  Despite losing prized local recruit Kiah Stokes to UConn (think Harrison Barnes going to North Carolina, although Stokes isn't quite on that level), Lisa Bluder still wound up signing the 10th-best class in the nation, highlighted by Samantha Logic, a 5-11 guard out of Wisconsin and the 10th best recruit in the nation.  Welcome to Iowa, ladies; have fun -- and watch out for your ACLs.  (Seriously, if you thought AIRBHG was bad, he's got nothing on AIWBBHG and his hatred for healthy ACLs -- poor Theairra Taylor is dealing with her third torn ACL in the last 20 months.)

Wrestle like you mean it.  Per Andy Hamilton, Anthony Baldosaro, one of the incoming freshmen in Iowa's highly ranked recent class, is stepping away from the program to focus on some book learnin'.  Meanwhile, wrestle-offs were this weekend; here be the results:

133: Tony Ramos TECH FALL Charlie Joseph, 20-4 (6:47)

133: Nate Moore DEC Nick Trizzino, 3-2
133: Tyler Clark DEC Tony Ramos, 3-2 TB
141: Ethan Owens TECH FALL Joe Moore, 17-1 (4:57)
149: Jeret Chiri DEC Stew Gillmore, 8-5
149: Jake Ballweg MAJ DEC Ethan Sebert, 9-1
157: Matt Ballweg DEC Nick Moore, 3-2
157: Derek St. John DEC Michael Kelly, 11-4
174: Mike Evans DEC Jeremy Fahler, 7-2
184: Vinnie Wagner DEC Tomas Lira, 2-0
HWT: Jordan Johnson DEC Bobby Telford, 2-1 TB

125: Matt McDonough TECH FALL Matt Gurule, 20-3 (6:08)
133: Tyler Clark PIN Nate Moore (8:48)
133: Tony Ramos DEC Nick Trizzino, 4-3
141: Mark Ballweg MAJ DEC Ethan Owens, 12-4
149: Jake Ballweg DEC Jeret Chiri, 8-7
149: Dylan Carew PIN Joe Moore (0:09)
157: Derek St. John DEC Matt Ballweg, 6-2
165: Jake Kerr DEC Aaron Janssen, 9-3
174: Ethen Lofthouse DEC Mike Evans, 4-2
184: Grant Gambrall DEC Vinnie Wagner, 8-2
197: Luke Lofthouse MAJ DEC Tomas Lira, 14-4
HWT: Blake Rasing DEC Jordan Johnson, 3-1 SV

The only surprise of note is Tyler Clark beating Nate Moore; we'd sort of assumed that Moore had the starting job at 133 wrapped up, but that appears to not be the case.  Clark, Moore, and Ramos all appear pretty closely matched, so the early results will go a long way in determining who the long-term starter is this year (unless they stick with a muddled rotation like we had with Kerr/Janssen at 157 last year; let's hope that doesn't happen).  Otherwise, most of the expected favorites/starters won.  Kerr/Janssen and Rasing/Johnson remain close at 165 and HWT, respectively, with Kerr and Rasing emerging as the slight favorites to start there. 

As expected, despite being highly decorated prep wrestlers, most of the freshmen from Iowa's recent recruiting class struggled a bit; it's a big leap to go from dominating in high school to dominating against guys who have been training in the Iowa room for a few years.  That said, Mike Evans and Nick Moore kept their losses very close and Jake Ballweg wrestled pretty impressively up a weight (at 149); definitely guys to keep an eye on in the future.  The season itself kicks off on Friday with the Iowa City Duals, with Iowa vs. Iowa Central at 4pm and Iowa vs. Coe College at 6pm. 


* The epically shitty weekend that Iowa athletics had could have been even worse if the 22nd-ranked women's hoops team had lost its game against Arkansas State -- and they almost did, only emerging with a narrow 50-47 win when ASU's last-second shot clanged off the rim

* In fact, the women's sports teams were the only source of good news this weekend; the perpetually terrible volleyball team pulled off a surprise upset of #16 Michigan on Saturday, 3 sets to 1.  The win ended a 12-match losing streak, so suffice to say it hasn't been a banner year for the volleyballers. 

* On the other hand, the men's golf team has been kicking ass and taking names all fall, and shame on us for not noticing it earlier.  Iowa won four straight tournaments to close out the fall portion of its schedule, success which is pretty much unheard of for Iowa in that sport.  The team's ranked 9th in the nation now, with a star player (the awesomely named Vince India) ranked 10th in the nation.  As the DI notes, Mark Hankins has done a hell of a job in turning around that program. (H/T Kluginator)