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POLL: Bring Us Your Iowa-Northwestern Fears

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No comment.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Pat Fitzgerald
No comment. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Pat Fitzgerald
Getty Images

Last week, you were most scared of The Ghost of James Hardy, the letdown factor, and the return of the STANZIBALL and, uh, it turns out you were kinda right. Damarlo Belcher did a pretty convincing Hardy impression right up until his fateful -- and fortuitous -- drop. Iowa certainly was far less sharp than they were a week ago in drilling Michigan State. And the STANZIBALL kinda-sorta made its return on one of the worst passes Stanzi's thrown all year (although the receiver also ran the wrong route on the play, so it wasn't totally Stanzi's fault). So, uh, congratulations, I guess, on being right-ish?

In any event, this week brings us our dastardly Armani-wearing Ferrari enthusiasts-cum-occasional football fans and there's no shortage of things to be scared about when just Northwestern is involved. You can fret about which offensive player will suffer a game-ending injury (watch your ligaments, boys!), whether Iowa's already often-shaky special teams will commit a blunder or three against jNW (as they usually do), whether jNW's precision short-passing game will slice up Iowa's pass defense, or whether some random cosmic mishap will befall Iowa yet again as they play Northwestern. Like I said, you could fret about that... but we're not going to here. We're going to worry ourselves sick about other stuff in this poll.