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BHGP EXCLUSIVE: JoePa's post-game presser after today's debacle against Illinois:

(TFJ to Mr. Vint)

Well, those early-game appetizers were nice (Illinois did WHAT?), but now it's time for the main event of the day: Michigan versus Michigan State, with an undefeated record, state pride, and the Paul Bunyan Trophy on the line.  On one side, we have the Michigan offense Denard Robinson, a breathtaking quick-strike blitzkrieg attack that's yet to find a defense it couldn't puree into a fine mist.  On the other side, we have Greg Jones and the Michigan State defense, who take great pleasure on introducing opposing offenses to inordinate amounts of pain and suffering.  On yet another side, we have Kirk Cousins and the Michigan State offense, who are rolling along as one of the Big Ten's most underrated -- and balanced -- outfits.  And on the fourth side, we have the Michigan defense, which bears a striking resemblance to a toxic waste dump most of the time.  This game has added interest for us since Big Blue and Sparty are two of our next three opponents, so in addition to enjoying what ought to be an exciting game, we can do a bit of scouting.  

* Michigan State at Michigan (2:30pm CST, ABC/ESPN)
* Alabama at South Carolina (2:30pm CST, CBS)
* Clemson at North Carolina (2:30pm CST, ABC/ESPN)
* Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (2:30pm CST, ABC/ESPN)
* Pitt at Notre Dame (2:30pm CST, NBC)
* UCLA at Cal (2:30pm CST, FSN)

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What's a pirated illegal stream and why can't I talk about it?  If you're watching the game on your computer and you're not watching it on or or or the official site of a school or conference... you are probably watching a pirated illegal stream.  You can't talk about them here because it gets us into legal hot water.  And you don't want to do that.

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