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Good morning, friends, countrymen, and avowed haters of Purdue.  Remember: just because PURDUE HATE WEEK is drawing to a close, it doesn't mean that it's time to let your hate for Purdue wane.  You must be ever-vigilant in your hate.  Our beloved Iowa football team is off this week, resting up and devising a plan to slow down Denard Robinson and the Fightin' RichRods (Plan A: have Greg Jones break him in two this afternoon), but it's still football Saturday, which means it's time to get your open thread on. 

* Indiana at Ohio State (11am CST, ESPN)
* Illinois at Penn State (11am CST, ESPN2)
* Minnesota at Wisconsin (11am CST, BTN)
* Texas Tech vs. Baylor (11am CST, FSN)
* Tennessee at Georgia (11am CST, random FSNs?)
... and there are more games, but they involve teams from the Big East and other mid-major conferences and so we do not actually care about them.

PLEASE READ: We've had some new faces prowling around these parts lately (which is totally cool), which means we should probably remind folks of the ground rules.  To wit: no links to pirated illegal streams of games, no porn, no slurs (ethnic, sexual, whatever), nothing that really bogs down the thread (i.e., alphabet games), no posting "first!" or "second!", and be judicious in posting images, particularly animated .gif files.  Read after the jump for more detailed descriptions.


What's a pirated illegal stream and why can't I talk about it?  If you're watching the game on your computer and you're not watching it on or or or the official site of a school or conference... you are probably watching a pirated illegal stream.  You can't talk about them here because it gets us into legal hot water.  And you don't want to do that.

What's porn?  We're like the Supreme Court: we know it when we see it.  But, in general, if you avoid naked or blatant cheesecake pictures, you'll be fine.  Look, it's the goddamn internet -- if you can't find porn elsewhere within roughly 2.3 seconds, you're either not trying or you're a fucking idiot.

What's a slur?  We're not going to provide a full "banned words" list or anything, but come on -- use a little common sense and a bit of decorum.    Again, it's the goddamn internet -- if you really need to call someone a "dumb fag," there's probably a place to do that.  But it's not here.  Along the same lines, please don't pick fights with other commenters -- you just wind up looking like a fucking loser.

What bogs down the thread and why do I care?  Look, these threads get a lot of action and for the most part they're an entertaining way to spend a game, riffing on stupid plays, awesome plays, bad announcing, inane commercials, etc.  But certain things really slow them down, like games revolving around listing every WWII general alphabetically or every element of the periodic table. So please don't do that.

What about images?  See above -- they can really slow things down when these threads get massive, especially animated .gif files.  It doesn't mean you can't post them -- just be judicious in using them.  Oh, and that really over-the-top THAT'S RACIST .gif?  Yeah, definitely don't post that.

What's this "first!" or "second!" business?  There's a really stupid internet meme wherein people feel the need to proclaim that they are the first (or second or third or..) person to post in a new thread.  It's really fucking stupid so DON'T DO IT HERE OR YOU WILL BE BANNED.

Break these rules and at the very least your comment will be deleted and you'll be warned; if it's a more severe infraction, you will be banned.