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Ricky Stanzi Needs Your Votes

Well, not really.  In the Ricky Stanzi hierarchy of life, individual awards are probably pretty far down the list, far below things like team, country, and charity.  Probably behind Twilight, too.  Still, awards are fun and the Davey O'Brien Award lets you, the unwashed masses, vote for the quarterback of your choosing.  So why not throw a little love Ricky's way?  

If you need a statistical reminder of his awesomeness this year, well: Ricky Stanzi (176.85) ranks sixth in the nation (and third in the Big Ten, behind only jNWU's Dan Persa and Michigan's Denard Robinson) in pass efficiency, as well as third in the league in passing yards (1226), third in the league in touchdowns (10), and second in the league in fewest (!) interceptions thrown (2).  That's pretty damn good.  We might even say that's... Davey O'Brien Award-worthy.

And if you need  in-game footage of Ricky being awesome cut to totally awesome music (though we'd recommend hitting mute at 3:30), we've got you covered there, too: