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If you need a preview, scroll down a bit for Jacobi's ode to Salt 'n' Pepa prognostication efforts. It should go without saying that this is a gigantic game for Iowa -- they need to win to retain any realistic hopes of winning the Big Ten and heading to the Rose Bowl. (And it's big for Sparty, too, since a win here gives them a pretty clear route to an undefeated season, but do we really care about Michigan State? No, we fucking do not.) A loss here and Iowa's unlikely to be going anywhere better than the Outback or Gator Bowl this January (but, hey, at least Jacksonville's somewhere new, guys!). Let's get it done, guys.

The rules of the open thread are pretty simple: no links to pirated illegal streams of games, no porn, no slurs (ethnic, sexual, whatever), nothing that really bogs down the thread (i.e., alphabet games), no posting "first!" or "second!", and be judicious in posting images, particularly animated .gif files. If you need more detailed descriptions of those rules, click here. Other than that... game on.