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Big Ten Betting Not-Quite Extravaganza: Week 9

HFMR is on a secret mission at the moment, but he'll be back to provide a full update on things later. But in short: you dudes fucked up and ended the three-week winning streak by taking Iowa -6 last week. Hell, even your second-favorite pick (Iowa-Wisco under 48.5) was full of fail. Time to redeem yourself. This week there are no Iowa lines to pick from because you people fucked it up last week.

This week's action:

jNW -3.5 at Indiana, 58.5 O/U
Purdue +17 at Illinois, 42 O/U
Ohio State -25.5 at Minnesota, 54.5 O/U
Michigan -3 at Penn State, 53.5 O/U