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It's our first football Saturday in a post-Tim Brewster Era.  Sigh.  But it's OK, we still have football itself and we still have each other -- we're going to get through this nightmare.  Because Iowa is apparently contractually obligated to play as many games as possible at 2:30pm CST this season -- this week marks Iowa's third appearance at that timeslot and there's at least one more guaranteed (next week versus Michigan State) and at least one more beyond that that's very likely (against Ohio State) -- we have to stumble through the early games to get to the Iowa-Wisconsin goodness at the center of the college football day.  Fortunately, the college football gods have seen fit to smile upon us with ample opportunities for Big Ten opponent-watching and non-conference schadenfreude:

* Michigan State at just Northwestern (11am, ESPN)
* Purdue at Ohio State (11am CST, BTN)
* Indiana at Illinois (11am CST, BTN)
* Penn State at Minnesota (11am CST, ESPNU)
* Notre Dame vs. Navy (11am, CBS)
* Iowa State at Texas (11am, FSN)
* Syracuse at West Virginia (11am, ESPN)
* Ole Miss at Arkansas (11am, random FSNs?)

We're most interested in MSU/jNW, since it tickles our opponent-scouting and possible schadenfreude bones, although we'll take some time to watch Iowa State get bitchslapped by Texas and take in a few plays in the Penn State-Minnesota cripplefight, too.  What games are you most interested in?

The rules of the open thread are pretty simple: no links to pirated illegal streams of games, no porn, no slurs (ethnic, sexual, whatever), nothing that really bogs down the thread (i.e., alphabet games), no posting "first!" or "second!", and be judicious in posting images, particularly animated .gif files.  If you need more detailed descriptions of those rules, click here.  Other than that... game on.