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When A 'New Cyclone Logo' Post Starts Like This...


Concept 1: "Contemplative Tornado-Burping Skeletor" know it's going to be a good day.

Our bros at Barking Carnival--specifically one Fake Ken Tremendous, which, I mean, "Ken Tremendous" is already a pen name to begin with--put themselves in the mind of Jamie Pollard as the ISU AD envisions an ambitious rebranding of their timeless classic iconic participation-ribbon-earning logo and mascot. What ensues is the finest discussion and envisionation of what it means to be a Cyclone that ISU has seen in forever years. Seriously, both the writing and the Beyond Photoshopping are some of the funniest things we've seen all season long. 

And no, Pollard doesn't get inconsolable. BC doesn't wear Black Heart Ripoff Pants; they just caught him on a "up" day, is all. Also, the example shown above is the least ridiculous of their logo options. WHy are you still reading this? Click the link already! DO ITTTTT.