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Iowa-Penn State Game Thread: Doing it for Norm!

Let's keep this simple. Night time, is the right time. Or at least it was until that fucking debacle in the sand. Tonight though we do it on holy ground. The bad guys circled this game on their calendar about two minutes after Clayborn's punt block...well, now it's here.

The hunters have become the hunted.

Norm isn't going to be there tonight, but the defense is still (statisically anyway) the best in the land. Apparently Norm recorded a video message to the defense that went something like this:

"Gentleman, I want this one. Any questions?"

Oh, and this is important--everyone (Ross, Adam, Patrick) is at the game but me, and I have no idea how to manage these fucking threads. I'm just a hack like you. So be patient and understanding with the technical side of things, but be fierce and belligerent with your posts. And by all means, pop a cork on the good stuff because:

Normal thread rules apply. No links to unauthorized streams, no politics, no slurs, no porn or stupid pics...although belittling Daryll Clark references are permissible and expected.