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Good morning, friends, countrymen, and avowed haters of Purdue.  It's football Saturday, which means it's time to get your open thread on.  Your humble moderators will be largely unavailable today, but we know how much you need a forum to vent about announcers, mock other teams' failures, and rejoice in the glory that is college football.  If you're in Iowa City, there's a tentative meet-up planned at the Airliner for these early games.  Check the twitters for more details, then say "hi" if you can find us.

* Northwestern @ Minnesota (ESPN, 11am CST)
* Miami @ Clemson (ESPN2, 11am CST)
* Kansas @ Baylor (FSN, 11am CST)
* Ohio State @ Illinois (BTN, 11am CST)

So come on in.  Standard rules apply; basically, don't post unauthorized feeds and don't be a jackass.  Also, no porn, no slurs, and DON'T BE STUPID.