Stanzi for Heisman?

Stanzi is finally the quarterback Iowa fans thought he could be and he has some pretty good stats to prove it. He has 1,474 yds. passing, 13 touchdowns, and a 180.5 quarterback rating that only Kellen Moore (who plays defenses that hand him touchdowns and yardage) and Cameron Newton (who literally pretty much has the same quarterback rating as Stanzi) can one-up.

But wait..... just TWO interceptions? Ok, perspective time. By week 2 last year, Stanzi had 2 interceptions. Okay, not convincing? He threw 5 interceptions against Indiana last year. He threw 2 interceptions in 3 other games. He also handed opposing teams 28 points through the air. This year? Much MUCH different. And for the first time in the history of Stanzi being the Manzi, he is actually in the Heisman race.

No. Seriously, our friend Adam Rittenberg over at ESPN has Stanzi as the top Heisman contender in the Big Ten right now. Of course, Denard and Pryor are coming off down games, but when you move in front of what is considered two of the best college football players, it's a big deal. I'm starting to think the Big Ten will have a Heisman winner this year.

But what I want to know is who is your Iowa MVP so far? Stanzi is starting to get national attention, Robinson is starting to become the Iowa-fan favorite, and DJK is breaking records faster than anyone assumed he would.


After reading a couple comments, I realized I didn't put my own opinion on Stanzi here. For those who care, I seriously do not think he will win the Heisman. In fact, a trip to New York for Stanzi would surprise me. I was just simply bringing up the fact that, along with Big Ten POW, he is now getting national attention.

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