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Nighty-Night, Sweet Prince: Tim Brewster Fired as Minnesota Gopher Head Football Coach

WIN FIGHT TRY TREMENDOUS CANNED LIKE TUNA, indeed.  Minnesota football coach, Motivational Tourette's sufferer, and all-around incompetent bozo Tim Brewster was fired Sunday morning, on the heels of a 28-17 loss to Purdue that left the Gophers 1-6 on the year and 15-30 in his three-plus year tenure.  In his time at the University of Minnesota, Brewster posted exactly one winning season (a 7-6 mark in 2008) and failed to win Floyd of Rosedale, Paul Bunyan's Axe, or the Little Brown Jug even once.

This is a sad day at BHGP.  As you all know, we've had more than our share of fun at Brewster's expense over the years.  Whether it be his incoherent blathering about Pasadena, his absurd overuse of motivational wordshis blatant resume paddinghis selective memory, or his exclamation point-riddled Twitter account, Play4Brew was a constant source of amusement for us.  We'll be sad to see him go, not only because he was so much fun, but because his teams had absolutely no chance of ever beating Iowa.  So today, we pour out a 16 oz. silo can for Tim Brewster, one ounce for every point his teams scored against Iowa in three seasons.  This one's for you, Tim.