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The Big Ten Betting Extravaganza: Week 7

After a big win last week with MSU, we're on a HUGE 2-week winning streak and we've evened our record back out in the win column. Fine job, gentlemen. We may get out of this yet.

(naughty language alert)

Yeah, let's not do that.

Since "Vegas" takes a cut of each bet, we're still down a few sheckles. In fact, the MSU bet was -115, so the net payout on our $5 bet was only $4.34. So we're a little short of being evensies, but we should be able to take care of that this week. Here's the damage:


This week's grid follows. I will hold back any opinions I have until the comment section because I believe it's important to preserve the integrity of the.....hahahahahaha....what the fuck am I talking about? Just pick a winner, folks. It's time to get back in the black. Chopper, sic balls.


Stick around after the break to see who knew what they were talking about last week and who was flipping coins.

This time around the "Name and Shame" losers of the week will be divided into 2 categories. Quantity and quality. cbrett42 gets the quantity of fail award because he had the gumption to pick 5 games and lose on 4 of them. He took Michigan, Penn State, Indiana and Wisconsin. At least he was able to back up his arguments for each bet, no matter how wrong they turned out to be. Points for trying, dog.

But the winner (loser) of the sheer quality of fail has to go to theflagshopisoutofstock. The only thing more impressive than his misguided confidence in Michigan was my own confidence that he would be shamed this week.


The Hawkstradamus award goes to Bama Hawkeye for making it through this entire comment without an incorrect prediction:


If you can't read it, he liked MSU, the opposite of jNW, Illinois and Minnesota. Honorable mention goes to Bornahawk, who not only picked Illinois, but declined to take the points and predicted a straight up win.


It takes a big swinging set of balls (or a mental disability) to bet on Ron Zook. Your efforts do not go unrecognized.