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How Much Production From Denard Robinson Can Iowa Allow?

On its face, Denard Robinson's performance against Michigan State was "good enough"; the electric sophomore recorded 301 yards, with 215 coming from the air and another 86 on the ground. It was Robinson's worst performance of the season, and yet, better than anything an opposing quarterback has accomplished against the Iowa offense since Juice Williams recorded 302 yards back in '08. Yeah, it happened.

The thing of it is, though, once the second half kicked off, there was no point in the game where Michigan was in any position to win the game, and Robinson's three interceptions effectively killed the Wolverines' chances to make the game competitive. So yes, 301 yards for one man, which is certainly quite impressive... up until we see the final score and the fact that the entire team racked up 377 yards.

So being that Norm Parker is still away, friends, we have a unique opportunity. You see, every single one of you can be defensive coordinator. All you have to do is determine the upper reaches of what Iowa's defense can allow from ol' Shoelace in each category and still have Iowa win. Will the coaching staff listen to you? Christ, no. Not at all. But we will, and a fine consolation prize that'll be. If Iowa wins, a certain prize (of minimal value, I assure you, and this includes a trip BEYOND PHOTOSHOP with your avatar or whatever) will go to the closest guesser. And if Iowa loses and you've predicted the closest estimation to Robinson's performance, well, you haven't guessed at all the the upper limits to what Iowa can allow and still win. You just picked what'll beat Iowa. Traitor.

At any rate, here are the rules. Submit your estimations of Robinson's production in the two main categories, and then adhere to these rules:

1) Iowa has to win

2) Closest  in total yardage

3) Closest in margin of error in both passing and rushing yardage

4) Closest in total points

5) Closest in victory margin

ONLY submissions made by the end of this Wednesday will be considered  Oh, and since the prerequisite is that Iowa wins, there's no "without going over" clause, so please spare everyone that "highest bid plus one" bullshit. Yeah, we grew up on The Price Is Right too. Just make your goddamn guess.

Baseline's this. 210 yards passing, 130 yards rushing, 3 TDs, Iowa wins 38-27. Beat that.